Who Died Today – 29th APRIL 2023

Who Died Today – 29th APRIL 2023

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APRIL 2023 Deaths Episode 17
Every day many famous celebrities die and this video is about that, it includes who died today and in this week. These are the most latest deaths of April 2023 we are showing.


Wee Willie Harris
Died on Thursday 27th April 2023, in London, England (1933-2023), cause of death is not known, he was 90

He was an English rock and roll singer. He started his career in 1957. In 1957, he was picked by TV producer Jack Good to appear in the BBC show Six-Five Special.


Peter Lilienthal
Died on 28th April 2023, in Bavaria, Germany (1929-2023), cause of death is not known, he was 93

He was a Jewish German film director, writer, actor and producer. His 1979 film David won the Golden Bear at the 29th Berlin International Film Festival.


István Vágó
Died on 29th April 2023, in Budapest, Hungary (1949-2023), cause of death is not known, he was 74

He was a Hungarian television host and political activist. He is usually known as “The Quiz Professor” by Hungarians.


Stina Rautelin
Died on 26th April 2023, in Helsinki, Finland (1963-2023), cause of death is not known, she was 59

She was a Swedish-Finnish actor, working in Sweden. She was best known for her role as Lena Klingström in the films about Martin Beck..


Cilia van Dijk
Died on 26th April 2023, in German-occupied Netherlands (1941-2023), cause of death is not known, she was 81

She was a Dutch film producer. Her film work includes DaDa, Frieze Frame, I Move, so I Am, The Last Words of Dutch Schultz and Anna & Bella.


Ramiro Oliveros
Died on 27th April 2023, in Madrid, Spain (1941-2023), cause of death is currently unknown, he was 82

He was a Spanish film and television actor. known for The Swamp of the Ravens (1974), Black Commando (1982) and others.


MoneySign Suede / Jaime Brugada Valdez
Died on 25th April 2023, in California, United States (2000-2023), died by mmmm, he was 22

He was an American rapper. He gained fame in 2020 through his song “Back To The Bag”. He was known for MoneySign Suede feat. Nfant: Bout This Life (2021).


Helge Engelke
Died on 28th April 2023, in Hanover, Germany (1961-2023), died from colon cancer, he was 61

He was a German guitar player, composer, and producer most celebrated for his guitar work in the hard rock bands Fair Warning and Dreamtide.


Len Goodman
Died on 22nd April 2023, in Kent, England (1944-2023), died from bone cancer, he was 78

He was an English professional ballroom dancer, dance teacher, and dance competition adjudicator. He appeared as head judge on the UK television programme Strictly Come Dancing.


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