Top Great Actors Died Today: 5th Jan 2023

Top Great Actors Died Today: 5th Jan 2023

This video is showing some of great actors died today on 5th January 2023. These famous actors is belonged to film and television industry from the United states of America, Canada, United Kingdom and other countries. Unfortunately, even in January 2023, the series of deaths of famous actors could not be stopped. This video features actresses, singers, author and actors who passed away today. This video is meant to inform you about the daily celebrity deaths. This list often also includes big actors who died suddenly. Some most famous actors have died in the last few hours, and some in the last few days. That’s why this video has been named today’s deaths.

00:07 Ernesto Castano
00:28 Rosi Mittermaier
00:50 Nate Thayer
1:12 Géza Morcsányi
1:34 Jean Bertho

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